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“Mondeghili”, the Milanese meatballs

Sometimes, I miss my mother so much (she passed away two years ago), and when that happens, I always try to cook some of the dishes she used to make. My mother was originally from a small town near the beautiful city of Bergamo, situated in the middle of Lombardy, but...

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When Milan became capital of the Roman Empire

Did you know that Milan was one of the capitals of the Roman Empire? the news is little known and always amazes my guests when I say it during my guided tours.Milan, or Mediolanum, became the capital of the Western Roman Empire in 286 AD. The Roman Empire was...

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January 6 and the procession of the Magi of Milan

What is Epiphany? What does it mean? Today I would like to talk about a festival that is extremely felt in the Christian world, but above all, to tell how it is normally celebrated in Milan. The festival in question is that of the Epiphany. The name derives from...

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