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Can fashion and cycling coexist and have a common thread? In Milan, everything is possible, and in fact, in this strange, very hot autumn 2020, these two worlds meet right here.


Let’s start by talking about clothes and accessories. Probably you know that MILAN IS THE ITALIAN CAPITAL OF FASHION and during the last 30 years, most of the designers have been organizing their fashion shows here. Only a select audience can participate, specially invited by each fashion designer in these events. The various fashion shows are divided into two categories (women’s fashion and men’s fashion). They take place over a few weeks identified throughout the year and are hosted in different selected locations such as historic buildings, theaters, former factories, etc.

The body that reports to all these events is the National Chamber of Italian fashion, which coordinates what is normally called the fashion week. These are the days where the city of Milan comes alive, and the atmosphere becomes magical. look at the website of the Chamber for Italian fashion

Fashion weeks generally take place at the end of winter to present the autumn/winter collections and, at the end of the summer, to present the spring/summer collections of the following year.

That said, as you can well imagine, this year, the health emergency has imposed some restrictions and changes. However, our wonderful fashion designers did not lose heart, and the works, although with a little different rhythm, could occur.

The events scheduled for the February fashion shows, which took place before the Italy lockdown, were especially broadcast in streaming only for the Asian guests to help them participate.

During the fashion week that just ended on 28 September, some shows were attended live on-premises, only by few European guests, and deferred for the rest of the public. Some fashion shows were only aired in live streaming (with no public).

For the occasion, Valentino that usually prefers to present in Paris, has diverted its fashion show to Milan, and Fendi, which prefers Rome, has decided to do the same.

One of the most innovative initiatives was the one chosen by the fashion designer Armani. His fashion show was streamed on a public TV channel; therefore, it was truly open to everyone for the first time. watch the Armani fashion show video


CYCLING FOR HIS PART has always been, together with football/soccer, one of the most loved sports in my country. It requires a lot of effort, unconditional commitment, and an infinite passion. Perhaps these are the characteristics that make it so dear to all the Italians because, let’s face it, it looks a little like us.

Every year, the cycling competition that everyone in my country looks forward to is called “IL GIRO D’ITALIA” (literally the Tour of Italy), which normally occurs between May and June. The competition, in which athletes worldwide participate, touches various stages along the entire Italian peninsula. Sometimes the Giro d’Italia includes an extra-territorial stage in neighboring countries, too, and very often ends right here in Milan.

This year things were changed due to the health emergency that hit the whole world. Italy’s tour did not take place in the canonical period, but fortunately, it was moved to October, and it starts today. Guess where it will end on October 25? IN MILAN, of course! Follow it and watch the competition on TV, you will have a wonderful opportunity to admire Italy’s beauty. look at the official web site of the Giro d’Italia  2020

The Giro d’Italia cup – photo by A. Di Pientrantonj





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