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Art & food tour in Milan


You will see:

  • The Ambrosiana art gallery to admire the “Atlantic Codex” and “The Musician” by Leonardo Da Vinci, “The school of Athens” by Raphael, “The basket of fruit” by Caravaggio
  • A pastry shop to enjoy a delicious croissant and a cappuccino or an Italian espresso
  • The church of S. Satiro, to admire its splendid “fake apse” painted in Trompe-l’œil.
  • Via Spadari, the Milanese street dedicated to good Italian food
  • A Milanese restaurant to enjoy a risotto Alla Milanese or a selection of delicious cured meats and a glass of excellent Italian wine.

What to expect:

This walking tour is a beautiful opportunity to discover two precious gems of Milan, the Ambrosiana art gallery and the church of San Satiro, and live a culinary experience simultaneously.

With our expert guide, you will first visit the Ambrosiana Art Gallery, a precious treasure chest housing renowned masterpieces like “the school of Athens” by Raphael,  “The basket of fruit” by Caravaggio, “The musician” by Leonardo da Vinci and the “Codex Atlanticus“, a vast collection of folios with drawings, writings and projects made by the Tuscan genius.

You will then enjoy a delicious croissant with a typical Italian espresso (or a cappuccino) at the counter, as all Milanese do.

You will visit Via Spadari, the Milanese street of good food and here, among a dried fruit shop, an elegant balsamic vinegar boutique and historic gastronomy, you will also have the opportunity to indulge in some culinary shopping. The tour will continue by visiting the church of San Satiro, famed for its fake apse painted with the trompe-l’œil technique by the brilliant Renaissance architect Donato Bramante. Finally, the visit will end in a restaurant where you will taste a typical Risotto Alla Milanese or a selection of tasty cured meats and a glass of excellent Italian wine.

ICONA TEMPO DURATION: 3h 30m approximately

MEETING POINT: In front of the Ambrosiana Art Gallery

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